Un petó (a kiss) means contact, transmission, encounter, touch, communication, a relationship, a link, a connection, oxygenation, respect, a bond and, even, coordination.

A kiss involves, at least, two people. Young people, old people, at the start of life and at the end of life, with a friend, a mother, a grandfather, a lover, on the face, on the hand, on the lips, dancing and, even, with a look.

Broadly speaking, a kiss represents everything that brings us closer to one another and anything that we’ve all missed so much during the pandemic: companionship and love.

This year, we’re re-affirming, or explaining for the first time, the name of the festival, Danseu, because the aim was never to exhibit Culture, but to share it. Danseu is plural.

Fem Petons. Fem Cultura. I sí, #perdoneupelromanticisme.