Danseu Festival 2021, #creíaquelosabíatodo

#creíaquelosabíatodo (#IthoughtIkneweverything) is a statement made by Violeta Gil in the performance with which we ended the 9th edition of Danseu Festival. Why? Because, for us, this statement summarises an entire reflection process that led us to discover, or remember, that we do not in fact know nor can we predict anything that will happen to us… that the present is only present for a second… and that when we reach a fork in the road, where the idea of choosing a path seems to be a very important decision, it is in reality a trivial thing because we do not know what we will find at the end of either of the paths. One thing we can decide though is how we deal with everything that happens, how we decide to ‘move’ through space and time, and knowing for certain that giving space and time to Culture will be the only way to move forward more strongly.