+ 16 years
Thursday 3 and Sunday 6 September, 11:30 am

The workshop will begin with massages in pairs to relax and make our bodies more flexible and ready to move. We will play with different improvisation techniques that help us to identify our body’s natural movement, plus others that take us into new territory. We will work individually to find a connection with our own body, in pairs to focus on listening, and in groups to learn to dance in sync with others and make use of the space.


8 to 14 years
Wednesday 2 and Friday 4 September, 11:30 am

This workshop is based on the natural and spontaneous movement of the body as well as the exploration of basic contemporary dance techniques. These are easy for little ones to understand as they will learn to recognise and control their own movement, without pressure, in an organic way, using play, imagination and creativity to encourage them to dance.


+ 12 years
Saturday 5 September, 11:30 am

Urban and hip-hop dance class in which young people and adults will be able to dance and follow the rhythm and flow, using and loosening limbs and joints and enjoying learning a group choreography to the rhythm of music.


+ 14 years
Tuesday 1, Thursday 3 and Saturday 5 September, 10 am

Yoga classes for all ages and levels. The objective is to connect with our bodies, find our centre and stretch our limbs in order to tone and correct bad posture, align ourselves and combat pain.


– 13 years
Friday 4 September, 10:30 am

Creative space for little ones at the festival where they will have fun through painting and movement! To the sound of music, the objective is very simple: participants will use their bodies and paint to mark their footsteps while they dance and move – creating a large mural between us that we can share and exhibit during the festival.


+ 18 years
Monday 31 August to Friday 4 September, 9 pm

Couples, siblings, cousins, friends, neighbours… who cares! Is there someone you would like to dance with?

We are looking for 5 couples to laugh and dance in this surprise activity! Over 5 days, we will meet for one hour a night to prepare a surprise performance that will take place during the festival weekend. Better not to ask. If you want to have a good time, you like Latin music and your first thought is yes, sign up with your partner!


12 to 16 years

Conrear is a community performance workshop/creation aimed at young people from Conca de Barberà aged between 12 and 16.


Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 September, 12:30 pm

Time for vermouth, when it is hot and we are sitting on a terrace in the shade chatting about culture and society, the arts and rural life, either among ourselves or with other Catalan cultural managers and producers in Les Piles, over a glass of wine or vermouth.

* Free entry until full capacity.