WORKSHOP: L’ATENCIÓ, with Clémentine Télesfort and Lisard Tranis

SATURDAY 7, 11 am – 12:30 pm | LA SALA

Until full capacity

Intergenerational dance and movement workshop about the concepts associated with SCOTOMA creation. A reflection on ‘attention’ and ‘who directs it’ through the body itself, exploring all the senses. What gets your attention? Shape? Rhythm? Speed? Smell? Weight? Touch?



Until full capacity

What does it mean to be a ‘dissident’? How far away from the norm do you have to be before you can talk about ‘dissidence’? Is there some kind of relationship between a dissident person and a peripheral landscape?

We talk with four people from the world of stage and culture about how the following three elements interact: art, rural life and sexual or gender dissidence.

  • Maria Capell Pera, programme technician for FiraTàrrega and Colors de Ponent activist
  • Marina Mascarell, choreographer
  • Reinaldo Ribeiro, multi-disciplinary artist
  • Esther Comas Navés, organiser of Gai-art, the LGTBI art and culture festival in Sant Gallard

Moderated by: Arantza Labuena

WORKSHOP: EL JARDÍ, with Olga Álvarez – La Taimada

SUNDAY 8, 11 am | LA SALA | +18 years

Until full capacity

Movement workshop for people of all abilities, with full and/or reduced movement. A look into the body and sensuality, inspired by The Garden of Earthly Delights by El Bosco. Research, vision and the creation of choreography for all kinds of bodies. A challenge and a game for people who have the enthusiasm and ability to take a certain emotional risk. Accessible to all kinds of people, professionals or lovers of movement and creation. A workshop for bodies that want to experiment with their own beauty and sensuality.


SUNDAY 8, 1 pm | EL CAFÈ

Until full capacity

We will talk with three artists and writers about the creative act of writing. We will walk through their texts and latest literary works. A Sunday where we will be able to enjoy a glass of vermouth, discover more about their creative worlds and try to guess what motivated them to write.

  • Magí Balcells, businessman and author
  • Francesc Cuéllar, actor and writer
  • Arantza Labuena, stage designer and performer

Moderated by: Gràcia Camps