Since 2016, we have dedicated a large part of our resources to a social initiative with specific groups and participants of Danseu Festival. As such, we are inviting local and international artists to carry out participatory and/or community projects that link the body, dance and movement with other concepts and aspects of everyday life.

For Danseu Festival 2020, we have invited Cristina Martí and Toni Viñals, from the CreaMoviment company to direct a new community performance, Conrear.

The project

Conrear is a community performance workshop/creation aimed at young people from Conca de Barberà aged between 12 and 16. In conjunction with 2 theatre and dance professionals, we want to offer participants a space where they can express their inner self, where they can learn a new language for expressing their anxieties and, at the same time, be part of a group creation process in which they meet as equals and can leave their pre-established roles behind. By doing so, the participants will create, and later take to the stage, the Conrear performance.

Through the medium of dance and theatre, we will help them to be aware of their own behaviour, to listen to themselves and others and to do so using play and the body, in a playful and tactile manner.

The proposal is based on contemporary dance, movement theatre and group creation. Participants will use improvisation games and creation techniques to create their own choreography.

With respect to the theme, we are focusing on identity, community, landscape and the dialogue between races – now and in the future. The starting point will be the book La destral del vespre, by Jordi Mas, a poet and translator native to Santa Coloma de Queralt (Conca de Barberà).