What do we do?

Danseu Festival’s creation support programme was an impromptu result of the second edition of the festival in 2014, when we began to find out what it really means to ‘accompany an artist’.

Since then, we have worked alongside and followed the progress of an increasing number of artists and projects from various viewpoints, offering creation support, spaces for exploration, artists-in-residence programme, commissioning new projects, audiovisual works and helping artists in the transition from interpretation to creation. As a result, this support programme has become one of the most important elements of the festival and is already involved in the co-production of 3 performances this year.

Why do we do it?

Because at Danseu Festival, we want to make the artist, the profession and their needs the centre of attention so as to accompany them and help them grow. Because if we are to promote and encourage performances and ensure the profession continues, we need spaces for research and creation.

Who do we do it for?

We accompany artists who use bodies, dance or movement as a main resource in their works and projects and who propose a dialogue with open and unconventional spaces, or with a special focus on rural landscapes.

How do we do it?

By providing the tools and resources that artists and creators believe that are artistically important for their projects. We offer:

  • Research and/or creation residences
  • Commission of new projects or creations
  • Provision of spaces and unique and unusual surroundings for performance
  • Long-term support with co-productions
  • And much more. If you are interested in our creation support, get in touch.

Creation support 2020

  • With the participation of FiraTàrrega
  • This piece is part of FiraTàrrega’s creation support programme


De una en una is a multi-disciplinary project that combines elements of visual theatre, dance and object theatre. Using 30 classic Spanish roof tiles, 3 performers work together to create different visual and audible landscapes. Physical effort meets an obsession to support something that cannot stand by itself.

The body’s movement transforms the tile into an instrument with weight and responsibility. The direction of movement relies on the physical work of repeated efforts, risks and weight loads, and it does so through a paradox: building a house from the roof down.

Métrica Bárbara is a dance and physical theatre company set up in 2019 by the dancer and choreographer Bárbara Cappi.

  • With the participation of FiraTàrrega
  • This piece is part of FiraTàrrega’s creation support programme


COSSOC was born from a common interest by Magí Serra and Anamaria Klajnšček in doing physical research and a specific performance outside of conventional theatre space, giving rise to a collaborative duo between a Slovenian and a Catalan dancer.

The performers create an intimate relationship and strong connection through which they become one with their surroundings and are immersed in the space. The piece leads the audience down a path of tranquillity and listening via a hypnotic choreography filled with suggestive images of what two bodies in perfect symmetry can do. A study through movement of the complexity and simplicity of a relationship, opening a window through which the audience can see and wonder, a boundary between a public and private place.

Magí Serra studied contemporary dance at AREA (Barcelona) and SEAD (Austria). He has worked with Roberto Olivan, GN/MC, Roser López Espinosa and Lali Ayguadé, among others.

Anamaria Klajnšček trained in theatre and dance in Slovenia and Amsterdam. She has worked with the German company TanzMainz, and choreographers such as Roser López Espinosa, Sharon Eyal, GN/MC, Guy Weisman, Roni Haver and Pere Faura.

Conrear, by Danseu Festival and CreaMoviment | Production and artists-in-residence

A brief overview of what we have accompanied so far

‘al camp’ artists-in-residence programme

Although we began inviting companies in 2014, it was not until 2019 that we officially made ‘al camp’ our artists-in-residence and creation support programme.

‘al camp’ is a biennial initiative in which we welcome 4 companies/artists to work for 2 weeks in Les Piles on their projects relating to dance in unconventional or site-specific places. The 4 companies who officially performed in the 2019 programme were Ambae, La Taimada, Labuena Compañía and In-Motus. Other companies who participated in previous editions were Humanhood, Compagnia Petranura Danza and Marta Gàlvez.

Productions and co-productions

Some of the companies which Danseu Festival has worked with or is currently working, producing or co-producing with:

  • Marie Gyselbrecht (Belgium) – NEST *working title
  • CreaMoviment (Catalonia) – Conrear
  • La Taimada (Catalonia) – OBLEA

Dance film

Among the projects we have helped to produce are two audiovisual works. Both were filmed in natural spaces in Les Piles and Conca de Barberà.

in situ creators and choreographers

Some of the creators and choreographers that have created pieces in Les Piles with professional dancers have been:

  • Jos Baker (Belgium)
  • Sam Coren (United Kingdom)
  • Marina Mascarell (the Netherlands)
  • Roser López Espinosa (Catalonia)
  • Olga Álvarez (Catalonia)
  • La Macana (Spain)