The Danseu Festival team

Pau Estrem

Artistic director

Ariadna Miquel

Assistant director

Gràcia Camps

Production manager

Hèctor Boada

Technical production and space design

Arnau Grande

Production assistant / Companies

Roberto Provenzano

‘El Petó’ coordination

Carol Aguirre

Local support

Project founded by Pau Estrem and Nuri Aguilar.

The 2022 edition -El Petó- is possible thanks to the love and collaboration of artists and colleagues Angie Mas, Arantza Labuena, Elena Lalucat, Esther Alcaraz, Marta Galvez and Nuri Aguilar.

Danseu Festival is much more than a team. We are part of a small but amazing family with big aspirations that helped us along the way. Together, we open up Les Piles to share special cultural moments in a rural setting. We can’t wait to see you!

And they help to make it possible