What is Danseu Festival?

Danseu Festival is a dance and arts of movement festival in a rural setting. Every summer it celebrates culture in Les Piles, a village with just 200 inhabitants located in Conca de Barberà, Catalonia. An event that connects over 2,000 people, arts of movement’s students and almost one hundred artists with the countryside and rural areas.

Founded by Pau Estrem and Nuri Aguilar in 2013, the project emphasises the decentralisation of culture to attract and retain a new audience.

That is all there is to it. May you be captivated by culture where you least expect it.

A 10-day festival in Les Piles with more than 2,000 people and almost 100 dance and movement artists, in a village with just 200 inhabitants.

Sowing a seed of culture and cultivating it to make it grow. Proximity, freedom, reunion, community, humour, love, happiness, reflection, surprise. An ‘anything is possible’ attitude if we have itchy feet and want more – if we are always moving and dancing, dancing and moving.

A spark, a glimpse of a journey, a summer flower.

Danseu Festival is…


We connect dance and movement with the countryside and rural areas via a programme of performances in which the power of the body creates an intimate, unique and almost magical language.

Artists from all over the world make Les Piles their stage with their stories and performances and invite us to enjoy their art and have fun in the summer nights.

Creation support

One of our priorities is to accompany and support artists while they create and grow.

How do we do it? Using every tool and resource that we have at our disposal: research and/or creation residences, financial aid, management of creations and other projects, co-productions…

Professional workshops

A 12-day event in a small town surrounded by natural areas in which 25 participants from all over the world will find a platform for expert learning and creation run by internationally recognised teachers and choreographers and will have the opportunity to explore and connect with the community and its rural surroundings.

Workshops, activities and community projects

The spectator should do more than just absorb culture; we believe that they should also actively play a leading role in artistic activities.

As such, and with an eye to contributing to the creation of new audiences, Danseu Festival is offering open activities such as workshops, dance and movement classes, talks, participatory actions and projects, etc.

What do we want to achieve?

Move our audience
Create and retain new audiences.

Equal opportunities
Decentralise culture.

Bring together and support
Make it easier to access culture and knowledge.

Create a community
Focus on individuals and little details and avoid mass culture.

Contribute to the sector
We are a support platform for dance and movement artists to create and perform.

Give back to society
Increase the cultural fabric of Catalonia.

Change and opportunities
Propose new ways and places to showcase culture.

Put the project, artists and Les Piles in an international context to establish good synergies.

Our history

Time flies. It all started back in 2013 when Nuri Aguilar and Pau Estrem decided to create a space for dance professionals to train. And, as is often the case in life, that initial spark evolved, grew and transformed.

It was all the result of a genuine desire to offer students some performances they could participate in to enrich their experience in Danseu and Les Piles. But an increasing number of local residents began to join and, not long after, people from further abroad as well.

So, what could we do? Well, simply be happy to think that such a far-reaching a project had its roots in Danseu. We set the scene for people to enjoy culture, dance and movement in a very special environment. We decided that we should bring together and support artists and decentralise culture; to sow and cultivate it in a small village where it would go on to grow in an extraordinary manner.

In the blink of an eye, the performances programme, and the creation support and artists-in-residence programme were set up, complementary activities including participatory and community projects were organised and the workshop became one of the main professional training spaces during the summer months in Europe.

This history was made possible thanks to the involvement and esteem of the artists Roberto Provenzano, Angie Mas, Marta Gàlvez and Elena Lalucat.

The final result, Danseu Festival, supports and will continue to support a union between nature, art and people; a demand, in the face of current uncertainty, for culture to help us reconnect with the countryside and give us more freedom.

May you be captivated by culture where you least expect it.