Danseu Festival 2022 – 10th edition

The residents of Les Piles are the artists and protagonists that you’ll see on stage at the 10th Danseu Festival!

This year, we’re celebrating 10 years of the history of love in Les Piles with… a kiss.

What does a kiss mean to you?

Loving someone, greeting someone, saying goodbye, gazing into someone’s eyes, hugging someone, laughing, kissing, touching each other, a caress, a friendship, a discovery, a bond, a game, a dance…

…but always, always, always, an encounter

…because, whatever it means to you, a kiss involves, at least, two people…

…and when two or more people come together, Culture occurs, explodes, emerges, is born, is shared and transforms us. Culture makes us different and therefore makes us equal. Culture frees us.


…so… shall we kiss?

El Petó at Danseu

With El Petó (the kiss), we’re presenting 10 works that have appeared at the festival over the past 10 years, but that, this year, will be interpreted by the local residents of Les Piles, after a long and rich process of artistic and cultural transmission.


In 2020, we were floored by the pandemic, wounded… but at Danseu Festival, we did everything we could to not grind to a halt, to #keepmoving.


In 2021, the scars, the stitches of memory still open… helped us understand that despite #creíaquelosabíatodo, in truth, we know nothing and nor can we know what will happen. However, we can choose how to deal with whatever life throws at us, how we choose ‘to move’ through time and space, knowing that, through Culture and companionship, we can find the strength to keep moving.


Armed with this knowledge about Culture and closeness, and with 10 years of memories of a festival that was devised and developed in a small rural village of just 200 inhabitants, with the candidness and love of everyone involved, this year El Petó is born, which is…

…a project based on the transmission of 10 works of dance and movement to the bodies of non-professional performers, people from a shared community, a shared land, which will be presented at the 10th Danseu Festival in Les Piles.

…a project that defies the confines of any standard programme, that strives to directly empower and incorporate the other side through a process of artistic mediation that has been under way for months, involving the creators of the original works (emitters), the artistic mediators (transmitters) and the performers (receptors), who are the local residents of Les Piles and the festival community.

…a celebration of the power of imagination. Of true dance, or not. Of art. Of contributing to and ensuring meaningful, universal access to Culture.


Fem Petons. Fem Cultura. I sí, #perdoneupelromanticisme.

The film and the book

As process, planning and transmission are central aspects of this project that will appear at the festival, at Danseu Festival, we wanted to go one step further to document and immortalise this whole preparatory phase. As such, we have commissioned, on the one hand, a documentary that will closely follow the project and its impact on the lives of the people involved in it, under the expert eye of audiovisual directors Esteban Crucci and Samuel Retortillo.

And, on the other hand, also in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the festival, the artist and creator Arantza Labuena, will capture in a book what the festival and its romantic history mean to her.

Both works will be released in 2023, extending the life of the project and growing the seed planted this year, with the aim of promoting close and accessible Culture.