Call audition (closed)

for professional dancers and performers

Marie Gyselbrecht, in co-production with Danseu Festival and HOP Plataforma, and with the collaboration of L’Estruch, Bipolart, El Graner and La Caldera, is looking for 3 professional performers for the new creation NEST, which will take place in different spaces of Catalonia during spring/summer 2021.

The project

HOP Plataforma and Danseu Festival began a long-term and increasingly close partnership in 2018, reflecting on urban dance, contemporary creation and the cultural fabric of Catalonia. What do we understand about each concept and what is the relationship between them?


Increasingly, contemporary creation uses and bases itself on urban dance bodies and techniques but, does the local Catalan urban dance scene have the tools and circles it needs to create in a contemporary manner? We don’t always think so. So, we want to encourage, sponsor and contribute to this crossover between various artistic disciplines in one shared creation, both in the process of making it and in its performance.

This is the story behind NEST, a production about the contradictions of creating a safe space, a home in the streets; of building your ‘nest’ in a public space. A site-specific creation for the street and unconventional spaces, for 3 performers, under the direction and guidance of contemporary choreographer and creator Marie Gyselbrecht, with external help from Jordi Duran i Roldós.

‘Our body as a nest, our container of intimacy.

The necessity of having a nest, a safe place to seclude oneself from the outside world.

The need to feel at home.

But what happen when your home is the public space? What happen if your privacy is forced to

exist in public? How and when do we cross that border?

The impossibility of closing that door, to be without safety, to be surrounded by outside stimuli…

to be vulnerable.’