Reinaldo Ribeiro

Brasil - Spain

Sunday 8|12 pm
L'ULL DEL RIU Experience for 12 people (+16 years)


‘And a spot of cadmium red crossed the channel… he later spoke of his favourite red, the Caravaggio red’.

CAP:III (BLACK THROUGH RED) invites us to meet up and start corresponding. Every month, for an entire year, you will be sent a postcard. A different red every time: blackness, identity, territory, provocation, reflection.

The question ‘how close is our shared archive?’ situates the author in this practice NOW. The idea of a living archive that is built during this time together. I don’t want Zoom or documents or emails or WhatsApp; I want ritual, to sit and think about which red to share and invoke, to write your names by hand, lick the stamp, stick it on and walk to the post office thinking of each and every one of you.

Artistic information

  • Concept and artistic proposal: Reinaldo Ribeiro
  • With the collaboration of: Africa Moment, Danseu Festival