CAER, CAER, CAER -site specific-

Richard Mascherin


Saturday 13|7:45 pm


CAER, CAER, CAER explores actions that cause the body to lose control, through momentum, gravity or physical force. The link between emotional and physical collapse, between body and sound, between dance and performance.

The work presents a journey towards chaos and failure. A body that leads itself towards its own decline, transforming the stage into an earthly and visceral place through the relationship between the performer, the props and the sound field.

The vulnerable body and the inevitability of the fall are the key concepts of this journey.

Artistic information

Idea, direction, choreography and performance: Richard Mascherin

Live music and sound field: Da Rocha

Theatre consultancy: Alberto Cortés

Artistic consultancy: Marina Rodríguez, Da Rocha

Management consultancy: Tina Agency

With the support of: El Graner, Danseu Festival, Konvent Zero, Centro Coreográfico Canal, Fiver Dance Film Festival, L’Estruch Fàbrica de Creació