by Cia Moveo with Mei Casabona

Saturday 13|9 pm


CONSEQÜÈNCIES is a celebration of movement that breaks down the barrier between the spectators and the spectated, between who lives and who acts. Spectators are invited to shake off their passive role and immerse themselves in the movement. The work is an exploration in three directions.

Firstly, the opposition between reality and fiction, between truth and lies, between actor and spectator.

Secondly, the relationships between members of a social group: dependency, support, rejection, attraction…

And thirdly, the representation of the invisible through which it becomes more visible.

Artistic information

Original direction: Stéphane Lévy

El Petó direction: Mei Casabona

Performance: Esther Alcaraz, Rosa Masip, Maria Tosquella, Clàudia Peribáñez, Roser Balcells

Sound space: Stéphane Lévy