Friday 6|9:30 pm
LA SALA Recommended age: +14 years (this performance contains nudity)
Performance scheduled as part of ‘Parelles de Ball 2021’


ENTRAÑAS CON PATATAS is a one-hour journey through the essence of its protagonists, Luis and Pere, from the most absurd to the most profound, where they tell their peculiar love story: two beings united by the link of friendship who have decided to journey through fear by exploring the ridiculous and completely exposing everything that makes up their identity, where mistake becomes an essential tool which generates an organic and changing story, sustained thanks to the fine line between risk and control.

This performance is a living body showing how it deals with art and life. The imaginary has already begun… The rest has to be unravelled.

Artistic information

  • Idea and direction: Pere Joseph, Luis García
  • Performance: Pere Joseph, Luis García, Valentina Azzati
  • Music: Pol Jubany, Mattia Sinigaglia
  • Lighting: Valentina Azzati
  • Costume design: Nina López Galliard
  • External eye: Piero Steiner
  • Production: Brenda Becker
  • Cultural sponsor: Bernabé Rubio – Rotativa Performing Arts