Yoann Bourgeois
CCN2-Centre chorégraphique national de Grenoble


Saturday 7|7 pm, 8:30 pm, 9:45 pm Sunday 8|7 pm, 8:15 pm
Premier Catalonia


FUGUE / TRAMPOLINE is a spectacular short dance performance, somewhere between circus and poetry, for a man and an object, composed on the basis of Metamorphosis Two by Philip Glass. Turning an apparently ordinary movement into something unusual, Yoann Bourgeois tricks the void and plays with the laws of gravity and weightlessness to reach a state of freedom between balance and a lack of balance.

In this visual poem, the artist reinvents an impressive and sensitive movement towards the point of suspension, the moment of the absolute present when the body has flown as high as it can go and the fall has yet to begin. Lightweight. Everything is possible.

Artistic information

  • Idea and direction: Yoann Bourgeois
  • Performance: Damien Droin
  • Music: ‘Metamorphosis Two’ by Philip Glass
  • Stage direction: Arnaud Monnet
  • Executive production: CCN2-Centre chorégraphique national de Grenoble
  • Production: Cie Yoann Bourgeois