Jesús Rubio Gamo


Sunday 14|9:30 pm
EL CAMP (carrer de la Font) Age requirement: +12 years


GRAN BOLERO is a work about effort and the pleasure of resistance; an unyielding dance between enjoyment and exhaustion; a dance to celebrate shared time and space; the intense and the fleeting, the pulsating and the peace.

Co-produced by Teatros del Canal and Mercat de les Flors, GRAN BOLERO brings together 6 dancers from Madrid and 6 dancers from Barcelona to revisit the famous score composed by Ravel in 1928 as an orchestral piece based on a traditional Spanish dance.

‘A dance that pushes the perseverance of the human body and mind to its limits.’ – Hein Janssen, Diario De Volkskrant

‘A furious fiesta on the stage.’ – Sylvia Staude, Frankfurter Rundschau

‘A masterpiece. When you’ve seen many, many dance shows, it’s not easy to feel euphoric as you leave the theatre. GRAN BOLERO gave me this feeling.’ – Emilio Tenorio, Danza Éter

Artistic information

Idea, artistic direction and choreography: Jesús Rubio Gamo

Performance: Alberto Alonso, Eva Alonso, Albert Barros, Agnès Balfegó, Aurora Costanza, María Hernando, Joel Mesa, Iván Montardit, Clara Pampyn, Carlos Peñalver, Jose Ruiz, Paula Tato

Music: José Pablo Polo based on Boléro by Maurice Ravel

Costume design: Cecilia Molano

Dressmaking: Naldi Fernandes

Lighting design: David Picazo

Assistant director: Alicia Cabrero

Artistic accompaniment: Elena Córdoba

Technical coordination: Sergio Aguilera

Co-production: Mercat de les Flors, Teatros del Canal

With the collaboration of: Conde Duque y Universidad Complutense de Madrid