Sharon Fridman


Saturday 13|8:30 pm Sunday 14|8 pm


Having surrendered to the sway of our bodies, we began to abandon that which prevented us from being.

A waltz appears, approaches, a bridge emerges between us, a possibility.

We don’t know where the journey will end, but we know there’s no possible return or fluctuation.

We’ll recognise ourselves on the other side, at that offshoot of the path where our bodies come to lie at the end of the fall.

To rise up first we must fall, but how far?

‘An intense and nuanced treasure. A highly recommendable and exquisite work that leaves you without words, a duo of aversion towards chaos, a stunning miniature supported by effective and sombre music. The performers give everything in their performance; they know everything that brings them together, pulls them apart, and express this in one tragic, ragged, heightened breath.’ – Roger Salas

Artistic information

Direction and choreography: Sharon Fridman

Performance: Sharon Fridman, Arthur Bernard Bazin

Original music: Luis Miguel Cobo

Costumes: Maite Llop Morera

Production and distribution: Lola Ortiz de Lanzagorta (New Dance Management)