Ivo Dimchev


Friday 6|10:30 pm
Premier Catalonia


‘Since I started writing songs, I have reached a completely new audience. I receive letters from parents telling me that they sing my songs to send their children to sleep. That just fascinates me because I usually hear the opposite: that they should protect their children from me’ – Ivo Dimchev.

For twenty years, Ivo Dimchev, choreographer, performer, visual artist and gay activist, has moved between the beasts of experimental and radical performance art. In recent years, his love for music has ‘taken over’ his work as a performance artist.

Since his high-profile appearance on the British TV show X Factor in 2018, Dimchev has embarked on a world tour with his live solo concerts. His moving voice flows exquisitely from rock star to prima donna and his songs, imbued with a profound elegance and unique stage presence, are unanimously praised, including by the New York Times: ‘Animalistic one moment, delicate the next, he meshes light and darkness with verbal and physical dexterity’.

Artistic information

  • Music and lyrics: Ivo Dimchev
  • Music production: Georgy Linev Sash, Blazh Ivo Dimchev
  • Production: Humarts Foundation
  • Distribution: Something Great