NEST -work in progress-

Marie Gyselbrecht


Saturday 7|9 pm
L’ULL DEL RIU Recommended age: +14 years (this performance contains explicit content)


NEST is a performance/exhibition where we will see the end of a story. A seemingly characterless situation. An abandoned car from which evidence of a recent story escapes in the form of smoke, smells, a radio still playing, objects and traces of light and sound…

The absence of people and the signs that make up the piece trigger the audience’s imagination… What has happened? Is the car not working? Has it run out of petrol? Is it a place to pass the night? And suddenly… Where did these other people come from?

Artistic information

  • Idea and direction: Marie Gyselbrecht
  • Performance: Luis García, Mabel Olea, Antonio León
  • Choreography: Marie Gyselbrecht with the performers
  • External eye: Jordi Duran i Roldós
  • Production: SARAU
  • Co-produced by: HOP Plataforma, Danseu Festival with the collaboration of: El Graner, La Caldera, l’Estruch