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BIBLIOTECA EL RIU Age requirement: +16 years
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ONE MILLION PEOPLE AND ME is a multidisciplinary project in two parts on a subject that is perhaps the biggest taboo in the world: suicide. Every year more people die from suicide than from murder and war combined.

The first part, AND ME, is a short film about the search of 8 ambitious young adults for their identity. For this, theatre maker Veerle van Overloop collaborated with choreographer Adam Peterson, filmmaker Lex Vesseur and 8 young dancers and actors.

The second part, the audio tour ONE MILLION PEOPLE, is based on the book Suicide by French photographer and writer Edouard Levé. The text about the absurd fragility of our existence is accompanied by a soundscape by singer, guitarist and composer Bert Dockx.

ShELFISH produces and presents the work of Veerle van Overloop, with a strong belief in hybrid-disciplined theatre with a social-political involvement. The projects are defined by the co-creation of a theatre production with its audience; co-creating a common time and space to share and reflect on complex and difficult aspects of our individual and shared existence and environment: uncomfortable, challenging, intimate yet unavoidable questions emerging from subjects straight out of the heart of society.

Artistic information


Idea and direction: Veerle van Overloop

Voice: Bàrbara Mestanza

Soundscape: Bert Dockx

Soundengineer: Grau Bardolet, Niels van Dam

Mask for the guide: Christophe Coppens

Dramaturgy: Judith Blankenberg




Idea and direction: Veerle van Overloop

Choreography: Adam Peterson

Director of photography: Lex Vesseur

Performance: Olympia Kotopoulos, Eliana Stragapede, Tim Stomer, Louis Thuriot, Borna Babic, Ayisha Siddiqi, Phoenix Chase- Meares, Matija Franjes


Co-production: ShELFISH Productions, Grand Theatre Groningen, Danseu Festival

With the support of: Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Station Noord, Kunstraad Groningen