Marina Mascarell

Valencia - The Hague

Friday 6|7:30 pm
Creation support 2021 Performance scheduled as part of ‘Parelles de Ball 2021’


ORTHOPEDICA CORPORATIO was born out of the poetic intention to create a transient community which questions and reflects on the physical relationships between its members, the group and the environment. A community made up of unique misfits who have transcended individuality and where no one needs to forget but rather trust in the strength of their own perception in order to become a social kaleidoscope where everyone has space and where borders are blurred.

We want to highlight the importance of being together, of sharing a body, in order to be able to imagine possible futures. Six genuine performers, using their bodies as a political weapon, challenge the conventions imposed by social logic. Bodies that help us to imagine and explore other worlds.

A journey through sonorous, imaginary and earthly landscapes in order to start to glimpse other ways of coexisting with other beings and rethink the land for the sake of a social nature, where the practice of justice can restructure the concept of nature.

Artistic information

  • Direction: Marina Mascarell
  • Performance: Alessandro Sabatini, Reiko Ohta, Amancio Gonzalez, Louis Gillard, Eli Cohen, Cree Barnett Williams
  • Drama: Riikka Laakso
  • Composition: Yamila Ríos
  • Sound design: Damien Bazin
  • Set design and lighting: Paula Miranda
  • Costume design: Nina Botkay
  • Executive production: Elclimamola
  • Co-produced by: Mercat de les Flors, Korzo Theatre, Dance Forum Taipei, New Zealand Dance Company, with the support of Danseu Festival