Clémentine Télesfort and Lisard Tranis

France - Catalonia

Friday 6|8:30 pm


You are looking… but, what do you really see?

SCOTOMA invites us to watch the meeting between two people immersed in their own world. They will give each other space to discover new perspectives and extend their gaze towards everything unknown. But, will they really be able to appreciate it? Or will they end up losing sight of it?

SCOTOMA is a dance performance about attention. An invitation to reflect on what catches and attracts our attention.

Artistic information

  • Creation, direction and performance: Clémentine Télesfort, Lisard Tranis
  • Music composition: Otis Jones
  • Set design: Diego Sinniger De Salas
  • External eye: Hansel Nezza
  • Co-production and support: Danseu Festival, l’Estruch, Centre Cívic de la Barceloneta
  • With the collaboration of: NunArt Guinardó, Institute of the Arts Barcelona
  • Acknowledgements: Iris Borràs Anglada, Valentine Ezavin, Valentina Azzati