Sound de Secà


Friday 12|10:30 pm


The performance ‘+’ is a crossroads, a common public space, a meeting point for strangers. A creative, participatory and nocturnal crossroads, where percussion meets dance, the spoken word, movement and poetry. The act of addition as a communal call to arms and human need to celebrate our differences. Addition against the discourses of hatred of anything that’s different and against individualism.

Let’s add them together!

Artistic information

Artistic direction: Genís Farran

Musical direction: Robert Canela

Direction of choreography and poetry: Maria Salarich

Sound design: Manel Pedrós

Lighting design: Omar Llobet

Stage design: Pere Carrasco

Costume design: Núria Llunell

Performance: Laura Barquets, Robert Canela, Laia Farran, Jesus Franco, Sandra Garcia, Joan Gonzalez, Núria Pulido, Jordi Talavera, Heika Villar, Natàlia Morales, Bernardo Dombua