Carla Farreny


Sunday 8|6 pm


TOUR can mean tower, rotate, turn, spin, and more in French. ‘Turn’ may make you think of the word ‘torn’ in Catalan, perhaps alluding to the desire to recapture certain knowledge and professions that are slowly being lost.

The proposal for the TOUR performance was born out of the desire to showcase the artisan technique of the potter’s wheel, to turn this handcraft, which is often hidden in workshops, into a show. Within this proposal, the solitary profession of the potter is confronted with the work of the trapeze artist, which is defined by exhibition and visibility.

TOUR is a proposal that invites you to awaken your senses, especially that of touch, through the visual and audible world.

Artistic information

  • Direction, authorship and performance: Carla Farreny
  • Audiovisual direction and livestream: Clàudia Aragón
  • Sound design/Music composition/Live music: Tomas Carnelli
  • Photograph exhibition design: Marta Vilardell, Carla Farreny
  • Lighting design: Toni Magrinyà, Iñigo Basauri
  • Set design: Joana Curbera, Carla Farreny
  • Costume design: Carla Farreny with the external eye of Alba Macfarlane
  • Technical stage management and rigging: Roger Compte
  • Sound technician: Marc Carreras
  • Light technician: Iñigo Basauri
  • Graphic design: Alba Pizarro
  • Photography: Marta Vilardell
  • Creation production: Carla Farreny with the complicity of Daphné Malherbe
  • Distribution and production on tour: Clara Vila d’Abadal
  • Administration: La Bonita
  • A co-production by: FiraTàrrega 2020, La Central del Circ, Fira del Circ de la Bisbal, la Bisbal de l’Empordà City Council, Cardedeu City Council, Terracotta Museu, ICEC-Institut d’Empreses Culturals